Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Beginning of the End

Well, it has suddenly dawned on me that my time in Ghana is very short.  In three short weeks I will be beginning my journey back home to Canada - and this is met with mixed emotions.  I am really enjoying my time in Ghana, I like the work - I love the people, but I do miss people back home terribly.  My family is eagerly awaiting my return, and I am really excited to see them all again.

I think the worst thing about leaving is the fact that I just don't know the answer to the most asked question I am getting right now.  Every time I see someone from work or that I have met throughout my adventures I get asked, "So, when you finish your schooling will you return to Ghana?"  I can't say for sure yes or no, because it all depends on what opportunities I have.  The answer I usually give is that it would all depend on if I can really engage in a project or job that brings me back!

Yesterday my host uncle (the head of the house) asked my how he would get in contact with me when I go back to Canada.  I have left my email with a couple people who are around, but I gave him my address in Weyburn.  He then told me that he is going to really miss having talks while the sun goes down, and I could see the truth of the works in his eyes.  It was probably the most touching moment I have had this summer - and I know I am really going to miss him too.

I think the biggest thing that is on my mind for when I get back to Canada is the changes that have happened and are going to happen.  A lot has gone on in my life and others lives this summer - and it is going to have a pretty big impact!  Every time I pull into Weyburn I will no longer be driving by the Carpet One to drop off paint and grout or stopping by, 'For just 15 minutes' to do some deliveries because my dad decided to sell the shop this summer.  This will be the first time in 20 years that I will no longer be a full time student during the year.  I only have one course during the fall so that is going to be different.  It will be te first time in my University career that I will not be calling Luther home - I lived there for five years and worked for Luther for the last three - that is going to be one of the big ones.  I think over the summer some relationships of mine have suffered, and others have grown - learning about who I was and who I am now is going to be the hardest thing of all.

The most comforting thought to me right now is the idea that every end is a new beginning.

 Travel to Kumasi for KK meetings : Wed      Aug 1
 KK meetings in Kumasi                  : Thurs    Aug 2
 AgEx team meetings in Kumasi      : Fri        Aug 3
 Travel to Suhum (Yayra Glover)     : Mon      Aug 6
 Return to Kukuom, say goodbye     : Fri        Aug 10
 Travel to Kumasi for final pres.       : Mon     Aug 13
 AgEx Meetings in Kumasi               : Fri        Aug 17
 JF Wrap up at Cape Coast                : Tues     Aug 21
 Fly to Canada via Amsterdam          : Fri        Aug 24
 JF debrief in Toronto                        : Sun       Aug 26
 Fly to Regina                                    : Tues     Aug 28


  1. Beautifully written reflections Nathan. I can see that Ghana has really changed you in some significant and breath-taking ways. I'm proud of what you've accomplished and how much you've come to know yourself. I just hope someday you'll come back!

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