Sunday, 6 November 2011

The (Junior) Fellowship of the Ring

First of all I would like to thank everyone who came to read this, with an especially big thanks to the Regina Engineers Without Boarders Chapter for making this dream become a reality.  That being said, I am a very new blogger - so please be patient if this is a less-than-refined looking blog. Now - On to the show!

I am a 22 year old Industrial Systems Engineering student from Weyburn, Saskatchewan and I just started the process of becoming a Junior Fellowship with Engineers Without Boarders, which will bring me to such far away lands as Ottawa (National Conference), Toronto (JF training), either Malawi or Ghana, and then back to the good ol' UofR to pass on my gained knowledge and experience to raise awareness of the need for overseas development.

My journey started in mid September, during the usual 'summer just ended, well - time to apply for a summer job' phase that the Crown corps like so much, I stumbled upon the EWB main website where I learned about the JF program.  I initially thought, "Man - that sounds like a really great idea, I wish I could do something like that" and passed it off as a 'what if' day dream.  Fast forward to a couple weeks later I was walking down the hall towards the engineering lounge and I stumbled upon the EWB office and a quick chat later I was looking forward to my very first EWB meeting.  After attending the meeting and meeting a lot of really fun and dedicated people - I knew that I was in the right place.  After an information session I decided that I was going to try to turn this daydream into my life.

The next step in the process was to fill out the application for the JF and submit it on time (the last part turned out to be harder than it sounds).  After my application got approved I did an interview with two members of the Regina chapter and our chapter buddy from the national office.  This was an interesting bag.  I didn't feel that I did too particularly well in this interview - but as it turns out I did do well enough, because earlier today I got the call, and I got the go ahead!

I guess the main point I want to make is - go for your dreams.  If I hadn't decided to take a chance and put my self out there - the only thing that could happen is I could have faced a little rejection and I end up getting the same old vanilla job I have worked in the past summers.  Now, after taking the mild risk I get to do something that has the chance to make a difference - to others, as well as me.


66 days until EWB National Conference 2012
177 days until May 1, 2012 (likely start of the JF program itself)
299 days until Aug 31, 2012 (likely repatriation to Canada)

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